Boat on Lake

Embracing the beauty of Vermont


A series of mini-adventures celebrating place, self and spirit.

We Are Here

Co-created adventures designed to celebrate the beauty of place, self and spirit, hosted by women who call Vermont home.

This summer and fall, experience Vermont's natural beauty and unexpected "finds."   We'll be guided and inspired by friends, neighbors and community members as they share their favorite places and offer experiences designed to nourish the body, heart and spirit.


Each mini-adventure centers around an outdoor activity or destination, and what happens after that is up to the host! Some outings might involve relaxing at a lake and catching up with friends, others might take the form of a guided hike,  conversations with Vermonters, or an afternoon of art, yoga, or writing.

This series of mini-adventures emerged from my gratitude for the beauty of Vermont, my desire to explore locally, and my wish to highlight the passions and gifts of others.  This summer and fall seem like the perfect opportunity to honor and celebrate that "We Are Here" - here in Vermont, surrounded by beauty and connected to fascinating, passionate, kind and  creative people.  

If you'd like to join an excursion, check out the offerings below.  Click on the "Explore" button to learn more about each event. While RSVPing  isn't typically required, it always helpful for the hosts to know who plans to attend.

If you have an idea for an outing or would like to host an event (workshop, hike, class, picnic, activity, ramble, paddle, walk, conversation...the possibilities are endless), please get in touch. 

With deep gratitude for our journeys, wherever they may take us,


(To care for ourselves, each other and our communities, we will observe all health guidelines.)

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