Welcome Travelers!

At Worlds of Light we believe that travel is a powerful gift that inspires us to shift our vision of ourselves and our understanding of the world.  It offers a brief, but beautiful, opportunity to see ourselves and others with more compassion, love, and insight than we typically bring to our “everyday” lives.

Worlds of Light emerged from the desire to share this gift of travel with others: it is an
invitation to shine brightly and boldly wherever our journeys take us on this vast and fabulous planet! Each of our trips is crafted with incredible love, attention, and intention. 


Our adventures are designed to be affordable, transformative experiences that include:

Service: meaningful projects that strengthen the community
Beauty: cultural and artistic experiences that bring local traditions to life
Adventure: rural and urban explorations that challenge the body, mind and soul
Connection: deep relationships with people and places that foster a nuanced understanding of the world.


We offer student service trips, family excursions, and yoga retreats.  We also design custom adventures for schools, youth groups, gap year students, and families.


If you feel called to join a Worlds of Light journey this year,  please get in touch.


Kristin DeVoe-Talluto

Director, Worlds of Light

Our Mission

Worlds of Light’s MISSION is to create travel experiences that allow participants to see deeply, connect purposefully, and awaken the spirit of discovery. We offer affordable and thoughtfully crafted trips, consulting services, and learning opportunities that inspire people to expand their vision of themselves, each other, and the world.


Our Vision

Our VISION is that all those who connect with Worlds of Light see their power and beauty, discover their gifts, and act purposefully wherever they are on this planet.

Why Guatemala?

I spent a year traveling around the world with my husband when we were in our 20s. Along the way, we met some amazing families who were on the road with their children, and we said to ourselves, “When we have kids, we want to do that!”

Ten years and three kids later, our family was ready for our big adventure.  We learned about a remarkable school in Guatemala, and, sight unseen, we enrolled the kids and moved to San Marcos La Laguna. Lake Atitlán became our home for nearly a year, and we developed a strong connection to this to this stunningly beautiful part of the world.


I have returned to Guatemala many times, and feel called to share the power and the beauty of Lake Atitlán with others.

Since 2016...

91 participants have traveled with Worlds of Light on four service trips and a yoga retreat, and, together with our community partners, we've constructed six houses, three fuel efficient stoves, five floors, a really long irrigation trench, a chicken coop, and even a turtle enclosure.  We've painted walls, picked coffee, served meals, and carried many tons (literally!) of building materials.  We've  donated suitcases full of baby items, household goods, and medical and school supplies, and we've contributed over $10,000 to Guatemalan initiatives committed to social change.

Most important, we've learned about love, joy, and connection from the many children, families, artisans, educators, farmers, and community leaders in Guatemala who have enriched our journey.

Parent Perspective

“It was with a bit of trepidation that I signed my daughter and myself up to go to Guatemala. But the lure of being able to travel to a part of the world we probably would not visit by ourselves, with someone who knew the area, with the added bonus of being able to help others won me over. I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am we went. Even though we usually ended the day tired and dirty, it was such a rewarding trip that I signed us up to do it again.

Watching Kristin in action as our guide, I would travel anywhere with her. She has a warmth and calm grace about her. She had all aspects of the trip organized, with personal connections at every step, ensuring our comfort and safety throughout. And when the occasional obstacles occurred, which happens with the best laid plans, she calmly sorted out an alternate plan, usually without others even noticing there had been an issue.”